“I see harm reduction as a way of engaging people as a part of that path to recovery.”
― Paul R. Ehrlich ―
Help For Everyone​​
A Moral Imperative
Harm Reduction is a set of principles that allow people to take charge of
their own lives and make positive change. It is now our moral imperative to implement these principles. Every nine minutes a human being dies from a preventable drug overdose in our country. We can do better. You cannot redeem, restore, or rehabilitate a dead body. Every life is precious and should not be diminished by societal shame and stigma. Help us bring love, acceptance, and hope back to a community that will forever grieve the unnecessary loss of its children, friends, and family members to a preventable public-health issue.

"Every Mother Whose Child Uses Drugs Is Just A Harm Reductionist Waiting For the Right Person To Train Her"

-Marilee Murphy

Our Mission
QC Harm Reduction supports accurate, fact-based drug
education, drug-related illness, and injury prevention, as well as
effective drug treatment for problematic use.

We will continue to support innovative, compassionate health
approaches to drug use, drug treatment, and drug policy based
on science and research.

We believe that every solution with the potential to mitigate
harm should be considered.

HIV/Hep Testing Training
QC Harm Reduction staff and volunteers:
Friday February 16th, 2018 
Scott County Health Dept.
February 16th, 2018