Attorney General Eric Holder Calls Heroin Addiction ‘An Urgent And Growing Public Health Threat’

On Monday (March 10, 2014), Attorney General Eric Holder warned about the growing scourge of opiate addiction and overdoses while urging law enforcement officials to carry the anti-overdose drug naloxone in a video message posted to the Justice Department’s website.

“When confronting the problem of substance abuse, it makes sense to focus attention on the most dangerous types of drugs. And right now, few substances are more lethal than prescription opiates and heroin,” said Holder. “It’s clear that opiate addiction is an urgent — and growing — public health crisis. And that’s why Justice Department officials, including the [Drug Enforcement Administration], and other key federal, state, and local leaders, are fighting back aggressively.”

Good Samaritan 911 Campaign

The Broken No More Campaign is raising Awareness about California's 911 Good Samaritan Law. We need a similar law in Iowa. A brief description of the law can be found at the link below.

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Dying of a Heroin Overdose Does Not Make You a Scumbag

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ODA Walk Route

Participants in the ODA Walk will follow the below route:


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