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DPA International Drug Reform Conference Video Clips (Nov. 18th - 21st)

Ethan Nadelmann, director of the Drug Policy Alliance, gives his opening speech for the 2015 International Drug Policy Reform Conference in Washington DC.

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Gone but not Forgotten

Hi folks... August is almost here. We are working hard to make our first ever Overdose Awareness Walk a success in the Quad-Cities. Wanted to let you know the shirts are in and ready to order. We have Adult sizes S-M-Lg. and X-Lg. available. We were not able to order kids sizes this year. They were not available from the printer. However, please bring the kiddies. We welcome them to our walk. I will work on having kids sizes for next year. I also want to add that these shirt sizes run big so no worries getting one that fits! The cost for each shirt will be 8.00 dollars.

Just say no to the War on Drugs

Gone but not Forgotten

Margaret Alexanders first of three banners of our beloved children lost to overdose. They are gone but not forgotten. Drug addiction is an illness...not a moral failing. We need a 911 Good Samaritan Law in the state of Iowa. The time for change is now!

Obama Provides Clemency

Follows on Footsteps of White House’s Recent Call For Clemency Candidates
Drug Policy Alliance: Positive Step, But Comprehensive Sentencing Reform Is Needed to Prevent More Mass Injustice


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