Every nine minutes a human being dies from drug overdose in our country. Opioid drug overdose is preventable. Naloxone saves lives. 

  How does naloxone work?

Naloxone blocks the effects of heroin and opiates on the brain, thus reversing overdoses.

Is naloxone safe?

Naloxone is as nontoxic as water. It is not a controlled substance and has no effects on a person who has not used heroin or other opiates.

Who is most likely to reverse an opiate overdose with Naloxone?

The CDC report (2015 June 19) confirms what most naloxone distribution programs already knew: 82.8% of reported reversals were carried out by people who use drugs, 9.6% by family and friends, and only 0.2% by public service providers.

Naloxone saves lives!

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