Mission Moment Videos

Our personal message on why harm reduction strategies work.

Mission Moment Videos Project is part of educating our community about  QC Harm Reduction and using harm reduction strategies for person's with substance use disorders.  The narratives are real volunteers impacted by the opioid epidemic.  We hope the videos encourage conversations of hope and positive change within our community.  
If you or someone you know would like more information on harm reduction, naloxone, HIV/Hepatitis  testing, or safe syringe sevice programs please contact:
Kim Brown RN
President QC Harm Reduction
Davenport, Iowa  52802

 In order to save lives, we must shift our approach to drug use, from punitive measures to a public health response. Supporting naloxone use and training, providing syringe service programs, and insisting on evidence based treatment ( methadone and suboxone.) Medication treatment is considered the gold standard and is  recommended by the CDC. It has a 50-90% success rate, and aids in the prevention of relapse and death.

 In 2016, 64,000 people nation wide, lost their lives to a preventable overdose. More than gun violence, car crashes and the AID's epidemic at it's peak. It's time to have a new conversation based on  science and compassion, not punitive tactics that cause more harm
​and uneccessary deaths.

We are always encouraging people to volunteer and help with our outreach program.  Please seriously consider donating your time or financial donation to QC Harm Reduction.  
It is our mission to honor those lost to accidental overdose and to save the lives of those struggling with substance-use disorders.  QC Harm Reduction provides compassionate harm reduction services, advocacy and community engagement that is respectful, non-judgmental and affirms individual power.